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ASG Mapping Ltd uses Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and a terrestrial photogrammetry system to collect aerial and terrestrial photos and processes the photos to produce standard products such as orthomosaics, point cloud, Digital Surface Models and colour composites (when a multispectral camera sensor is used). Further processing of these Standard Products allow for the creation of Value-Added Products such as classified point cloud, Digital Terrain Models (DTM), contours, 3D models and 3D visulation, planimetric/topographic maps, etc. These products are essential data needed for Land Development, Resource Extraction (Mining, Forestry), Environmental Management, and in Agriculture.

ASG Mapping Ltd has entered into a strategic collaboration with Airborne Media Pros and Ecere Corporation. The three companies recognize the complimentary nature of each of their expertise and the synergy between them to pursue a significant number of related business opportunities. ASG Mapping Ltd will act as the front facing company offering turnkey map products (geomatics, remote sensing, processing and analysis of geospatial data). Airborne Media Pros will provide expertise in hardware technologies and sensor/payload integration as well as the operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Ecere Corporation will provide expertise in software development and custom software applications specific to the needs of clients.


Geospatial Data Collection

Geospatial Data Processing and Analysis


Standard Products

Value-Added Products


Land Development

Resource Extraction (Mining, Forestry)

Environmental Management